Hey Phriends, 


Every Monday....ishhhh I will send you: 

  1. Any Phuse releases or important updates
  2. My Top 5 Tracks of the week (no genre is safe)
  3. 1 Bonus (music video, article, shower thought, etc.)

This will be the absolute best way to get the latest from myself and hear the music I'm being inspired by. Think of it as a 20-25 minute musical party favor from the weekend or some musical firepower to get you through the week.  




Example email below from 1/22/17

Yo Phriends,

1. Marcioz - Mate Um Bonito Hoje Mesmo!
Genre: Movie Trailer Epicness
This is too unreal to call a song. When this came on I was confronted with a wall of my own emotions. I think I saw my past and future self clash in front of my eyes. Maybe I should get that checked out but in short this song gave me the entire catalog of feelings and I cherished the experience. Looking forward to watching the epic (Google/apple/android whatever) commercial this inspires.  

2. Charlie Puth - How Long (Jerry Folk Remix)
Genre: Funk
Jerry Folk has once again channeled the groove gods and unleashed a ruthless dance track that will have more than your head bobbing. That’s not an earthquake, that’s your booty begging for liberation.

3. Sg Lewis - Aura
Genre: Smooth
SG proving once again that he’s the smoothest motherfucka on this planet. If the world gets less cool I’ll blame SG for having a monopoly over it.

4. Teedra Moses - Be Your Girl (laxcity flip)      
Genre: Future Throwback
I swear “Be Your Girl” is the most flipped, remixed, mashed up/smashed up song amongst the underground producer community. So it is actually a compliment that I even want to listen to this. Additionally it actually really slaps.  

5. Drake - Gods Plan
Genre: Rap
Drake, Drake, Drake. It’s lyrics like,“She say, “Do you love me?” I tell her, “Only Partly” I only love my bed and my mommy, I’m sorry.” is why he is always in the running for softest rapper in the game. But we still love him. Despite it’s inherent drakiness I’m still really fucking with this.


Just so you guys are aware skiing on snow is so last year.

Candide Thovex - Ski The World

Until next Sunday :)

Ya Boi,